So, pets are always interesting. You get so attached to them and they become such a part of your family. It's always tragic when a pet dies. I had a particular pet rat and hamster that died shortly within a few months of each other when i was 12.

They were the first pets i ever had and i cherished them, played with them everyday, and when they died i was a WRECK. The rat died of cancer - she was 4 and a half years old, and the hamster died at 9 months - internal problems because she was attacked as a baby, the only one in her liter to survive. We buried them the day of their death, and my parents helped clean out their cages and put them in the attic because i was too upset.

Even though, i still heard them every night till i rearranged my room, running up and down their cage, eating, and gnawing on the cage. It got so real and clear, that i would yell out their name to tell them to knock it off, like i did when they were alive.